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Collectors all over the world have long admired the quality and elegance of the TREE BRAND knives manufactured by the Boker family. The history is difficult to unravel due to the destruction of the Solingen factory during WW2, and the many corporate acquisitions in the United States during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. Whether your interest is in the H. Boker & Company of New York, Heinrich Boker in Solingen, or BOKER USA, this book has the answers you seek. 

After ten years of research and two years of writing, Neal Punchard and Ricky Ray have published the best and only resource for all Boker knife information.


178 pages with dozens of full color illustrations. You will discover the history of the Boker TREE BRAND cutlery company, as well as chapters focusing on unique and popular Boker knife patterns.

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The Boker Knife Book

Featuring the History of H. Boker and BOKER USA, with tools to Identify Your Vintage Boker Knife


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