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Knives, Importers, and Retailers associated with H. Boker

This is a short list of knife brand names and trademarks known to be associated with, or manufactured by Boker. (Both in Solingen and USA):

Arbolito - Spanish for "little tree". South American branch. Argentina.

Boker Plus - Boker's current "international" brand. Made in Tiawan, China, and USA.

Boker USA - Started in 1899 when H. Boker & Co. purchased the Valley Forge plant. Ended U.S. production in 1983. This also references Boker's current importer of knives in the US, located in Denver Colorado. (started in 1986)

Casa Boker - Hardware store founded in 1865 by Robert Boker. Sold knives and hardware improted from USA, Germany and England. Known as "the Sears of Mexico".

Cinch - Current manufacture in Solingen and Italy.

Cooper Group - Purchased Boker USA from J. Wiss in 1977. Moved production to Statesboro, GA. Ended US production in 1984.

Cyclops Steel - Purchased by Carl F. Boker in 1916. Sold in 1926. Titusville, PA.

George Schrade - Purchased by Boker in 1956. Closed in 1958

H. Boker & Company - Founded in NY in 1837 by Hermann Boker. Imported hardware and guns, as well as cutlery from Germany and England. Began making knives in the US with the purchase of Valley Forge cutlery in 1899.

H. Dorwal - Knives made by Boker in Solingen, distributed by the Remsheid Bokers for the Canadian market.

Heinrich Boker - Official name of the factory in Solingen. Opened in 1869.

Henry Boker - Brand name associated with the Remsheid Bokers. Mostly sold in Australia. Also used on many hand tools in that country.

J. Wiss & Sons - purchased Boker USA in 1969.

John Newton - Made by Boker USA, Newark, NJ, circa 1906.

John Primble - knives sold by Belknap. Boker USA made knives sold under the Primble trademark from circa 1940s - early 1980s. Primble knives made by Boker have a star on the pattern number stamped on the tang.

Litton Industries - Owned Boker USA in 1968. Sold to J. Wiss in 1969.

Magnum - Knives made in China.

New Britain - Toolmaking company in Connecticut. Purchased Boker USA in 1965. Bought by Litton Industries circa 1968.

Olde Stag - trademark patented by Boker in 1975 to identify knives made with "del-bone" (delrin) imitation stag handles.

Radium - Blade etch on some Boker knives from early 1900s. History unknown

Rainbow (Providence, RI) - made by Boker USA circa 1933-1954

Razor Steel - Etched on some Boker USA blades circa 1945-1950

Riverside Cut. Co. NY - Made by Boker USA circa 1918

Tree Brand - The Boker brand, USA and Solingen, as it is sometimes called.

Tree Brand Classic - trademark patented in 1974 - used on knife patterns that have been around for a while...

United Boker - Contract knives made by Boker circa 1984-1994.

Valley Forge - Company purchased by H. Boker & Co. in 1899. Closed original plant in 1921, but continued to manufacture Valley Forge knives alongside Boker USA knives in the Maplewood, NJ plant until the 1950s.

Whitehead & Hoag Co. (Newark, NJ) - Made by Boker USA circa 1900-1959

Wright & Wilhelmy (Omaha, NE) - Made by Boker and Ulster

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